The Annual Holiday Season Has Come Full Circle
by Larry Turner

For most of my life I didn’t look forward to the so-called Holiday Season and was quite pleased when we ushered it out over New Year’s Eve. That feeling slowly waned as the years rolled by and, instead, I dwelled on why I felt that way in the first place. To start with, I have always been a pretty structured person who keeps and updates lists of things, projects and people that need my attention. When my days are complicated by everything that goes on during the Holiday Season, I chafe at the interference and blame the season. Some of the inconveniences suffered were holiday parties at work and home where you are accosted by people whose names you struggle to remember; being scolded by your spouse for not decorating the house early enough to look like we were part of the neighborhood; being unable to avoid the incessant Christmas music that replaced all other top-40 hits starting the day after Thanksgiving; being subjected to boring Christmas-oriented movies on television where everyone got what they wanted before “The End” appeared on the screen; witnessing daily the tremendous stress on the faces especially of mothers responsible for arranging for food, beverages and presents for work, school, family and friends; wasting money on gifts for “friends” and “fellow workers” for fear of offending someone if you did not present them with one; and fearing your gifts for those you love would fall short of their expectations on Christmas Day. All the above served to convert me to a Scrooge-like person for the entire Holiday Season because my carefully scripted daily agendas were being severely tested.

That no longer exists, and I’ll explain why. At some point in my aging process, I realized that the Holiday Season was no longer a big deal at work, even if work still existed; people were no longer gathering in large groups to celebrate anything; we were now able to play whatever tunes or videos we desired on our personal hand-held devices; the kids had grown up and no longer expected the latest toy or electronic invention; and our other loved ones were pretty content with their lives and a few meaningful gifts were more than adequate.

In fact, life during the Holiday Season has come full circle to the point that I would welcome a few surprises and interruptions since my daily agendas have seen those items needing my attention be replaced by destinations like Publix, Dry Cleaning, Crown Wine, Haircuts and Garbage.

Talk about wishing for the Old Days and a busy Holiday Season!