Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores Gives $50,000 To Help Support Technology in Schools

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores recently donated $50,000 to the team’s Social Impact Committee’s efforts to assist with wireless and infrastructure technology in the public-school system. The donation was matched by the Miami Dolphins as part of the team’s $300,000 commitment to help underserved students that attend public schools in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach. “I would have been that kid growing up facing challenges without acceptable technology to connect with teachers and further my education,” said Flores. “I applaud our players’ effort to address these inequities and am supportive of them as they work to unify South Florida. My hope is that others in the community and league-wide can support this important initiative to help close the digital divide.” The Miami Dolphins Social Impact Committee was formed by Dolphins players to positively impact civic engagement, education and economic empowerment.