Letter From The Editor

Dear Readers,

Most of us have experienced drastic changes in our lives because of Covid and it seems that while things are still “iffy” we are beginning to experience a conservative return to normal. Hopefully, 2021 will end all the fear, sickness, loss of life and the economic devastation that so many people have experienced.

We are hopeful that we will soon be able to bring back two popular editorial features, our travel editorial “Escapes” and “Fashion” since the fashion shows are starting to be scheduled again. We hope we can feature both articles in the next issue of The Light Magazine.

I hope this year we will all celebrate the new lessons from 2020’s tragic year, and we begin to enjoy our friends and family and being social again. It was encouraging to see Tom Greene’s article and to see that he and a group of his fishing buddies are taking a trip to Costa Rica. It should be fun to see what the group of guys catch and experience.

I am a wine lover and enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, and I have always had respect for the team at Wine Watch. They catered a private dinner for us that was celebrating my husband’s Irish and German heritage and it was fantastic. They will tailor any special occasion or celebration to your personal taste. I had no idea they had so many opportunities to experience wine in a unique setting and we were happy to showcase this in our new feature “New Discoveries.” Thanks to Teri Kovacs for the photos she contributed to this editorial.

The article “Are you Worried or Just A Pessimist” from Fred MacLean is a must for everyone that wants to understand where we as a country stand with investments.

I personally have changed through the pandemic to understand what is most important to me. And what I have learned, I also value. My husband, my family and some close friends come first and then “Giving Back” is so important in any way we can. Thank you Bill Gallo for highlighting some wonderful people doing just that.

Enjoy the next few months as we begin to get back to normal.

Warm Regards

Roberta B. Turner