2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L
by Ric Green

The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L (Limited) provides a luxury ride while extending the Jeep tradition of off-road comfort and excitement.

Jeep expanded the 2021 Grand Cherokee lineup with the new model, the Grand Cherokee L.  It’s larger than the existing version you might be familiar with and includes a third row of seats that allows it to accommodate up to seven passengers. This addition elevates the Grand Cherokee L in the Jeep family of vehicles.

All this as it continues to use the same V-6 and V-8 engines from the two-row Grand Cherokee.

Although rear-wheel drive is standard, Jeep will offer no less than three different versions of its Quadra-Drive all-wheel-drive system in 2022, with the most advanced version claiming to deliver additional off-road prowess. Driver-assistance tech is more of a focus on this new generation of Jeep, with advanced features such as adaptive cruise control and pedestrian detection coming standard across the lineup. The 2021 Grand Cherokee L was behind schedule in getting in the show room and the two-row Grand Cherokee will move to this more modern design in the late summer for the 2022 model year.

Like the two-row Grand Cherokee, the three-row Grand Cherokee L is available with either a 290-hp V-6 or a 357-hp V-8 with either rear- or all-wheel drive; both engines come with an eight-speed automatic.

Those seeking to maximize towing capacity to get your boat to the ramp should plan for the V-8, which can tow 7200 pounds; V-6 models carry a 6200-lb tow rating. But after driving the V-8, I would prefer it as it produces a sonorous rumble and provides solid linear power delivery. The Grand Cherokee L’s ride is smooth and handling is competent; in my experience, the steering felt precise and the peddles were reassuringly firm.

Those seeking a more high-performance demeanor should consider the Trackhawk model that’s based on the previous generation Grand Cherokee. To continue Jeep’s legacy of off-road capability, the Grand Cherokee L can be equipped with one of three all-wheel drive systems as well as an optional air suspension which can be adjusted to provide extra ground clearance.

The real star of the Grand Cherokee L is the interior. It showcases a cabin that’s decked out in more modern infotainment tech than its competition.  The finest of details are the attention to detail that the designers have paid small issues.  The shifter dial is a work of art featuring metal work that is not only appealing to the eye but also to the touch.  The seats are supple and welcoming. The interior lighting continues that styling and contributes to the level of style that continues the styling points.

The three-row version of the SUV is predictably more expensive than the existing two-row model, which is getting redesigned for 2022.

Coming out of the showroom, the Grand Cherokee L is priced at $42,645 and heads north of  $51,000, depending on options.