Broward County is home to approximately 1.8 million residents and over 15 million tourists that enjoy the many amenities that Broward County has to offer. With such a large population and a growing community, Broward County government is charged with the responsibility of collecting and allocating funds in order to provide for many different services and to be able to sustain the quality of life that residents as well as tourists have come to appreciate.

In FY2016 the annual budget of $4.2 billion dollars is funded from a variety of funding sources. The General Fund ($1.1 billion) is supported with property taxes and other revenues to fund programs that are not self-supporting, such as libraries, parks and the offices of our Constitutional Officers. It is important to note that nearly 50 percent of the revenue in the General Fund goes to the independently-elected Constitutional Officers, primarily the Sheriff, Supervisor of Elections and Property Appraiser. The Enterprise Fund ($1.5 billion) consists of programs that are self-supporting without general revenue subsidies, such as the airport, seaport, resource recovery facilities and water and wastewater facilities. The Other Funds ($1.6 billion) portion of the budget consists of self-supported agencies with dedicated taxes and fees, such as the Tourist Development Fund or the County Transportation Trust Fund.

For FY2017 the overall annual budget will increase mainly due to an increase in capital improvements funding in the Enterprise Fund for a total of $4.7 billion dollars. The General Fund budgets for County agencies and the Constitutional Officers are increasing by 5.5 percent. This is primarily due to the increase in ad valorem taxes based on an increased tax roll. The Broward County Commission was able to reduce the millage rate by 1 percent from 5.723 in FY2016 to 5.669 in FY2017.

This generally means homestead taxpayers will not experience an increase in County taxes. The increase in assessed value for homestead property owner is capped at 7/10th of 1% for FY2017. For other properties, the change in the assessed value of the property will determine how much the property taxes will change.

The revenue collected through resident’s property taxes is the largest portion of the General Fund. About 78 percent of the General Fund comes from the property taxes, the rest comes from fees, fines and miscellaneous revenues (13 percent), and sales tax and state revenue sharing (9 percent). The property tax revenues are allocated to fund several different areas. Each $1 dollar collected from a Broward County resident from the property taxes is distributed in the following manner: 24 cents to county government, 33 cents to the school board, 23 cents to cities, and 20 cents to special districts. The County then divides its 24 cent share into several funding sources; 12.34 cents to the Sheriff (just over 50% of the total County share) and other Constitutional and Judicial offices, 8.77 cents to County Commission programs, 1.31 cents to mandated payments to cities and the state, 1.04 cents to voter-approved debt service, and .54 cents to capital projects. These funds help County government to continue to provide the services and quality of life that residents and tourists have come to enjoy. As your County Commissioner I have always advocated for the need in reducing the millage rate for Broward County residents. Looking at FY2017, we are
finally able to cut taxes, reduce the millage rate and return some of your tax dollars back to you, the people, who know the best way to spend it for the needs of your families. Residents as well as County government went through a very difficult recession, but the economy has recovered substantially and there are sufficient funds to run the necessary services of Broward County government while also helping reduce some of the financial burdens of the residents in our community.
The Resident’s Guide to Government provides a convenient resource to help people stay connected to their local government. It includes contact information for County officials and Federal, State, and local agencies. Visitors can subscribe to E-news and social media sites. Sign up at Broward.org/District4 to receive email updates from our office. If there is anything that we can do to assist you with your vision for a better Broward, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 954-357-7004 or by email at clamarca@broward.org.

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