Coming off a hectic Holiday Season, let’s pray that in the New Year we all can balance how we express our opinions with prior thought about what repercussions might be evoked by our words. Otherwise, we might provoke others to strike back verbally with facts or lies, and the result of that is not usually good for maintaining calm in our country.

Recently, a former chairman of the Federal Reserve remarked that “things are really a mess” in the world, or something to that effect. That statement really offended me because, as we have written previously, the U.S. economy is in good shape and, notwithstanding the bush-league politics that are being practiced in our country, the future looks pretty positive. In addition, influencers seem to have been watching their rhetoric recently so as not to unnecessarily inflame contentious situations.

The more I thought about the comment, however, the more I changed my mind, especially when world events are thrown into the equation.  Maybe there is more of a mess than we like to admit.  Let’s focus on some of the recent events throughout the world:

a Attacks on our police from within our country are becoming common and ever more brazen.  Is there no more respect for uniformed officers?  Are the attackers so downtrodden that they feel they have nothing to lose?  Have we admitted too many people into our country who are not accustomed to abiding by rules of law and have little respect for life, even their own?  

a Accusations of sexual improprieties, real or imagined, are rampant and there is often little evidence to support these claims, whether they are true or not.  Many who read about these situations assume they are true, and that threatens the law of the land that says people are deemed innocent until there is proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That puts the country in the vice of trying to draw a supportable conclusion based on the law of the land without there being any corroboration of the facts.

a The financial markets, especially the New York Stock Exchange, have acted like yo-yos every time there is the threat of a trade war, whether the threat was just a negotiating tactic or not, or there is discussion about closing the government down unless there is funding for a border wall, again whether or not the threat is real, or there is a poll showing a change in public support for one of our political party’s position on something.  It is difficult to manage one’s financial side with the markets being this volatile.  No one can predict with 100% accuracy the directions of these markets, and that affects businesses large and small.

a And, if you really want to get depressed, we can talk about the abuses and oppressions occurring in places like Syria, Iran and North Korea, to name just a few of the worst places in the world to live.

We all need to slow things down, not jump to conclusions, put down our cell phones, stay off Facebook and Twitter until clear thought is given to a situation, and try to return the country, and the world, to adopting thoughtful approaches and re-introducing consistency and dependability to the conduct of government and to the lives of our citizens.

If we follow this approach, we can make 2020 a more peaceful an successful year for our great country.

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