While reading the news on MSN online the other day, it occurred to me that there is an overabundance of news about dozens of people and events that develop lives of their own and are featured day after day on all major news publications and websites.  A current example of that is the impeachment
process, which at this writing is on every network channel all day long.

In rolling this around my mind for a few hours, a thought started developing to the effect that there are other newsworthy people and events that either receive no coverage at all or scant coverage at best without any rational reason for this situation.

This category includes people like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, the “whistleblower” whoever that may be, the relationships of children of well-known Americans and Ukrainian corporations, and seldom spoken about entities like the “deep state.”  

Although there has been much written about the Weinstein accusations, there has been little commentary about his operating tactics that led to these “abuses,” as the press has defined his activities, or what has happened to his “victims” and whether they benefited from their personal relationships with Weinstein or not. Hollywood has a lot of powerful celebrities, businessmen, donors and “influencers” who certainly would benefit from quashing further investigation into these sub-plots and deflect any further research into others who may have had similar ways of doing business.

Then there is the Jeffrey Epstein case.  There is a lot of me that, after reading the accounts of his incarceration and death, has concluded that there is no way he committed suicide. But there is a whole list, or directory, of people who joined him on his trips to his paradise island in the Bahamas and joined him for “parties” in his multi-million dollar apartment in Manhattan who have a tremendous interest in not being identified in the mainstream press. Like the Hollywood moguls, Wall Street businessmen, politicians, donors and investors, and even royalty, have much to gain by being ignored by the press.

Those who consort with foreign governments and corporations have also developed nervous twitches when their foreign relationships have been discovered and find their way into the American press.  We all know about Biden’s son’s board seat with a foreign corporation interested in doing business with America and American businesses, but what happened to the fledgling stories about a child of Nancy Pelosi having a similar relationship.  A cloud of silence has separated that story, if there is one, from the American people.  And it is rumored that there are many other American who have benefited from serving foreign companies seeking favor with America.

And, finally, even though the preceding is just the tip of the iceberg, there is the so-called “deep state,” which refers to a group of people in government, top-tier financial circles, and the industrial complex that is said to govern the country without regard to their not having any formal political structure.  A fair amount of ink was devoted to this concept during the initial stages of the president’s term in 2016 but has been brushed back into the dark corner ever since.  Who are these people? Who do they represent? How do they govern effectively without a structure?  Why are their decisions adopted by our elected officials?  Why doesn’t some group, political or otherwise, research this concept and prepare a detailed investigative report about it?  The answer undoubtedly is that, if there is such a group, they wield sufficient power to cause untold financial and social harm to anyone undertaking any such search.

Let’s hope they don’t read regional magazines while basking in the South Florida sun!

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