A little travel, adventure and discovery is the ideal recipe to making an unforgettable summer. There’s nothing more exciting than planning a season’s escape and getting that much needed break from the “real world.” Of course, the perfect vacation calls for the perfect wardrobe selection. Whether you’re traveling the world this summer or enjoying a nice stay-cation, choose accessories that reflect your admiration for the most beautiful places in existence. Transform your wanderlust into reality with these jewelry pieces inspired from your dream vacation destinations. 


You can’t go wrong with a vacation to Greece… or with turquoise and gold jewelry. Let your accessories reflect the breathtaking views of the Grecian coast. Turquoise is a highly sacred gemstone that holds a lot of history and significance, much like the culture-filled, ancient cities of Greece. Gold and turquoise accessories are also completely suitable for adding a  timeless charm to your summertime holiday fashion that will never go out of style. These pieces are worn beautifully when paired with neutrals and whites, giving all focus to the mesmerizing beauty of the turquoise gemstone. 


Rose gold is a color that insinuates both femininity and romance. Not to mention, also widely popular on the Paris runways. For all you starry-eyed daydreamers looking for a passionate getaway, what could be better than a midnight trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a peaceful journey through the Grand Canal in Venice? Europe is the ultimate destination for love, and the best place to show off elegant, romance-inspired jewelry. Perhaps the best thing about wearing rose gold metal is its overall versatility. Dress it up with a cute cocktail dress or dress it down with a white-tee and jeans. Either way, rose gold jewelry will be subtly captivating with any outfit you choose to pair it with.


The islands are calling. Which means it’s time to add some new summer time hues to your wardrobe. Explore multi-stone pieces that are as vibrant as the tropics. The unique combinations of mixed gemstones will sparkle under the sun giving your outfit that essential pop of color. Amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, pink tourmaline and more come together to create a kaleidoscope of color that is both chic and playful. Pair the rainbow accessories with solid tones to obtain a more minimalistic look, or get creative and mix-match with fun patterns to make a bold statement.


Dive into summer with a style that is of the season. Adorn your love of the water by accessorizing with oceanic hues. Whether you’re taking a week long cruise or enjoying a relaxing sunset sail, the gentle blue and sea green gemstones are certain to give a mystical ocean-vibe to any outfit. Add a little aquatic sparkle to your suit or complete an evening sundress with dreamy shades of blue. It’s time to sail away from stress in style with jewelry that mirrors the unending beauty and softness of the deep sea.

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