Tripadvisor was founded in 2000 and has grown tremendously through the years. It is the world’s largest travel site and is in 49 markets worldwide.

Tripadvisor offers advice from millions of travelers and has over 465 million reviews and opinions that cover over 7 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. I started writing for Tripadvisor under the name “Fussy Traveler” a number of years ago and I am very proud to say that my reviews are in the top 1 percent in South Florida. My career as a writer and designer enticed me to post on Tripadvisor and my love for travel, dining and experiencing new things became a passionate way to express myself and share my thoughts with others. With over 120,000 followers, I have decided to connect our articles on “Escapes” in The Light Magazine to my following on Tripadvisor.

Take a look at the articles that have been published this year alone by Tripadvisor and the exciting information they provide readers:
• The Top 25 destinations in the world, according to Tripadvisor
• Here’s how far your vacation fund will stretch at 10 top spring break destinations
• Here’s how far $2,500 will get you in 10 of the most popular vacation destinations
• When to travel to the world’s most popular destinations
• The 25 best beaches in the world
• Here are the 10 best hotels for families and those on a budget
• Tripadvisor names top US hotels by category based on user reviews

My Tripadvisor name: FussyTraveler440

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