Crystal and gemstone jewelry are having a major moment in the world of fashion. Not only are these stones physically beautiful, they give off energy that promotes an overall well-being and healthy lifestyle. This holiday season, give your winter outfits a pop of color with accessories that will bring peace, positivity, and healing in all aspects of your life.


The comforting color of blue topaz reflects the soothing and peaceful energy of this gemstone. Feelings of levity and ease are linked with this crystal making it ideal for meditation and calming your emotions. Blue topaz gemstones can vary from sky blue to Swiss blue, or a deep London blue color. White gold or sterling silver jewelry pieces complement blue topaz flawlessly, highlighting the beauty of the stone.


Amethyst is known to cleanse and free the mind, helping to release negative energy and thoughts. This purple stone is intended for relieving stress and bringing more balance to your life. Amethyst comes in a variety of hues and tones ranging from violet to lilac. This gemstone pairs beautifully with yellow gold metal and is perfect for mixing and matching with other stones for a mixed gemstone piece.


The core energy of an emerald gemstone encourages fresh beginnings and new adventures. Green is known as the color of life and growth, and its energy allows others to be less fearful of change. From deep forest greens to softer and lighter shades, every green stone inspires vitality – mirroring the energy of a new day. The richness of the green gemstones give the perfect amount of color to liven your wardrobe.


Clear quartz promotes healing in all forms – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. This is a crystal that aligns your energy completely, giving full body restoration. Clear quartz has an icy appearance that is super versatile and can be styled in all different kinds of ways. Pair your clear quartz with the soft hues of sterling silver or white gold for a simplistic look, or match with yellow gold for a more stand-out piece. The clean appearance of clear quartz makes it easy for dressing up or keeping casual with jeans and a tee.


It’s no secret that diamonds are the universal gemstones that express eternal love. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a piece of jewelry for an anniversary or holiday, diamonds are meant to symbolize affection and strong emotions in every form. Keep it classic with round diamond stones or experiment with trendier shapes such as emerald or pear cut diamonds. Of course, diamonds maintain their allure and elegance in every piece and will match everything in your closet. After all, they are a girl’s best friend!

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