Other than South Florida, I don’t know anywhere else in the world where the weather is so good you can pick the type of fish you want to catch, know where they are biting and when, know the bait to use, and usually the time of day and the tides they bite best on.

When we get that all figured out, what do you want to catch?

If you do not have a boat and no one is asking you to go with them, you still have a lot of choices.  You can fish any of the local piers and catch snapper and Spanish mackerel as well as the larger kingfish.  You have a lot of snook and tarpon swimming around all the piers, feeding on the schools of small bait fish that are attracted to pier pilings.  They literally swarm around the piers.  By using a small bait rig, you can catch the bait fish and put them right back out and catch all the fish you want.

Next, you can go to the beach, the best time being the first hour of daylight and the last hour of daylight.

What you are looking for is diving birds, which will mean feeding on schools of bait fish as they migrate up and down the surf line.  As this happens, a lot of snook are on the beach as well as tarpon jacks, blue runners and even a barracuda will all feed on these schools of bait fish.  With a wide variety of lures that look and act the same as the other baits in the water, you can cast usually around the edges of these schools of feeding fish and have a very good chance of catching a wide variety of fish.  One customer in one hour caught five different fish.  One big thing is to know your laws and rules.  When a fish like snook is out of season, practice catch and release.

Next, if you have a small to medium size boat, you are lucky.  You have thirty different ways to fish.  At the moment, the bite is in shallow water 60-200 feet.  You have everything you ever wanted to catch.  The reef action for yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper and grouper is very good.  You can drift fish with all types of rigs and with different baits and have a lot of fun and get some very good eating fish for the table.  I have a customer who fishes the drift boat out of Hillsboro Inlet four to six times a week.  He keeps me supplied all week long with fresh fish, all caught drift fishing.

When trolling for dolphin, kingfish and even wahoo and sailfish, all of them can be caught trolling bait fish with all types of local live bait you can catch along our coastline.  Put them in your live wall and you will not believe your results.

As I’ve said before, you can catch swordfish every day, both day and nighttime.  The bites have been red hot with many fish in the 200-300 pound range.  A lot of customers have been running to the Bahamas and catching a lot of big fat yellow fin tuna in the size range of 40-80 pounds.  That’s a lot of good fresh tuna meat.

Again, all you have to do is stop in or call.  We will tell you where and when the fish are biting.

Tight lines and good catching.

This article has been contributed by
Tom Greene of Custom Rod & Reel
located in Lighthouse Point.

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