Another disappointing Dolphin season is thankfully over, and the media is calling for the replacement of just about everyone except Steve Ross.  I’m not knowledgeable enough to assess the performance of the people in charge of football operations, personnel and coaching, but it is obvious that past decisions have not resulted in success on the field.

My biggest disappointment is in Tannehill, who I still believe is a competent quarterback who has not been put in position to perform up to his ability.  He is slow to make decisions in passing situations, does not have an agile pocket presence, and is slow to deliver the ball to his receivers. Whose fault is that?  Can coaching correct those defects?  Will he progress if he is healthy and plays a full season next year? The answer is I don’t know.  He has the physical talent but has not proven his worth, especially in light of his recent contract terms.

In this world, if you can’t, or don’t, produce positive results that make your business or, in this case, team better, you should probably look for work elsewhere.  And, that is probably where the Dolphins are now.  Tannehill has been given more than enough time to produce, and he has not, regardless of whose fault that may be.

The time is past for learning on the job; the team needs to put bodies in place in its headquarters and on the field who can produce positive results.  I truly believe that if proven, new talent is added in both places, the fans will respond favorably, even if it means waiting a year or two to have a playoff-caliber team.  We can handle waterskiing and beach duty until we have a team that we can feel good about and cheer-on at the stadium or through electronic means.

This should be an interesting off-season.  

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