2nd Annual Taste Of Shipwreck Park & Lionfish Derby Held In Pompano Beach.

Shipwreck Park and The Sample-McDougald House Preservation Society presented this second annual event to harvest lionfish, which are an invasive species that is pushing over 100 species of fish into extinction, including snapper and grouper.  The second purpose of the event is to hook the community on eating lionfish.  Guests try samplings of lionfish prepared by local chefs as well as have a fun evening including art, diving and marine conservation booths, celebrity judges, and live music.  Lionfish are destroying our natural reefs by consuming the fish that would normally inhabit and eat the reef algae making it impossible for coral to continue to grow.  In our lifetime, lionfish will be one of the largest natural disasters the Atlantic Ocean will encounter, according to organizers of the Taste.  The one good thing about lionfish is that they taste good!

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