SOS Children’s Villages – Back To School While In Foster Care

SOS Children’s Villages Florida, a foster care community in Broward County, shares what “Back to School 2020” looks like from the perspective of children and their foster parents.  The reality of being schooled from home under current health conditions is daunting for many; however, when you multiply the number of children in each home and end up with six, the pressure is even greater.  At SOS Children’s Villages, six is the average number of children living along with their foster parents in our homes. Preparing for back to school takes a significant amount of organization, communication, and planning.  With the primary focus at SOS being that of keeping siblings together while in foster care, often times children of varying ages and grade levels live under one roof. SOS children receive twice weekly tutoring in reading and math to ensure that they perform on grade level. This is an important aspect of the program, as many children entering foster care are often behind academically due to circumstances in their lives prior to entering care. For the past 12 years, 100 percent of children at SOS have graduated from high school.  This number is significant as the average high school graduation rate for children in foster care is below 50%.  SOS Children’s Villages – Florida is home to up to seventy foster children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. The Village setting allows brothers and sisters, often separated in foster care, to be reunited. The nurturing and support that SOS provides prepares them to be productive members of society.