This is an appeal to the governments of most of the small communities that dot the East Coast of South Florida to enact rules to make their narrow streets safer for residents and visitors alike.

Too many times we have driven on main streets as well as side streets and have found it difficult to navigate around cars and trucks parked on the streets.  The main problems arise when two vehicles park on opposite sides of the street directly across from one another, making it almost impossible to pass between them. Another safety hazard is when cars or trucks, mainly
the latter, park at or close to an intersection so that someone turning onto the street is blocked from passing the parked vehicle when there is oncoming traffic. The two vehicles either come to a standstill facing one another, or the vehicle entering the street is forced to abandon the turn which in turn blocks traffic behind that vehicle.  My final peeve is on main streets when a large truck, or truck with a trailer, is permitted to park on the main street for hours while its occupants conduct work at a nearby residence.

In addition to presenting safety issues, these practices also prevent emergency equipment to drive to someone’s house who is having a heart attack, a fire, or some other emergency. These vehicles have no chance of getting to their destinations because of street blockage caused by parked cars and trucks.   A few simple rules should alleviate these conditions. First, no vehicle should be permitted to park parallel to another vehicle on the opposite side of the street. Second, parking a vehicle within a set number of feet from an intersection should be prohibited.  And, third, the test on any street should be that no condition should be permitted to exist that prevents emergency vehicles from proceeding on it without obstruction.

Finally, whatever rules are adopted should carry the mandate to enforcement officers to be strict in their interpretation to prevent accidents and to permit the free passage of emergency vehicles.

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