What would you do if your property or your livelihood, or both, were threatened with extinction during your lifetime? Or, what if the target was your kids? Depending on your age, this is happening right now to you or your kids and few of us are doing anything about it. Doesn’t that shock you?

The issue is climate change and rising sea levels. I’m not going to regurgitate all the research that exists about this subject; suffice it to say that a majority of the studies indicate some increased sea levels, perhaps as little as a few inches to as much as several feet, over the next few years and undoubtedly before the end of the century.

Even an increase of a few inches could place coastal areas, especially in states like Florida, in situations where they will experience flooding every few weeks rather than only when there are severe storms or cyclones. This condition will not be exclusive to coastal areas but will impact all low-lying areas, including those bordering on the Everglades.

With that being pretty much a fact, why are so few people talking about it even in Florida? We are about to have our lives permanently and adversely impacted and everyone is going about their lives as though nothing is going to happen.

I guess there are several logical reasons for this behavior:

  • The research is conflicting and people don’t know whether to believe that there is a problem.
  • For people of certain ages, it won’t affect them.
  • People feel there’s really nothing they alone can do to alter the situation.
  • The issue is so complex a lot of people don’t understand it.
  • Some feel that nature will cause a change to prevent this from happening.
  • When it becomes a problem, people think there will be ample time to move away from it.
  • People think that if they don’t live close to water it won’t affect them.
  • A majority of us probably feel that problems like this are the responsibility of governments, not of individual residents.

Whatever the explanation, we need to make our concerns about this issue known to our leaders and we need to insist that dealing with the possible effects of the problem be made a priority for at least our state. The fact that the impact might not be felt for a few years should not cause us to ignore the problem because protecting ourselves might take many years to formulate and execute. Let’s get started now.

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