Residency Physician Community Partnership Council

When Boca Raton Regional Hospital welcomed the first class of internal medicine residents from Florida Atlantic University’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine in July of 2014, the welcoming extended far beyond the halls of the Hospital. Under the directive of the Resident Physician Partnership Council, the “Resident Physician Community Partnership Council” connects a diverse group of community leaders and professionals to the Medical Residents to assist them in acclimating to life in South Florida and to lessen the frustration accompanied with adjusting to a new environment. The program includes and supports spousal and other familial needs such as employment and career objectives and introduces the residents to the community so they know where to locate everyday necessities including recreation, and places of worship.

The “Resident Physician Community Partnership Council” introduced a critical “Humanistic Approach to Medicine” to the incoming Medical Residents. The program accomplishes this by integrating young doctors into a caring and supportive community with a unique program that provides social support, professional guidance mentorship to the Medical Residents and their families, many of whom are new to the state and even the country.

The underlying goal of the Resident Physician Community Partnership Council is to engage the residents in a “Humanistic Approach to Medicine” and at the same time show the residents that South Florida is a great place to live and more importantly, to practice medicine. Amid increasing demand for medical care in their region, the partners are doing their personal part to reduce the shortage of area physicians. It is their intention that this project will not only play a positive, supportive role in the residents’ lives, but will encourage them to remain in this area after they have completed their residency.

In addition to mentoring and professional guidance, the partners organize several social outings and networking events, such as picnic barbeques and a formal inauguration ceremony, to build camaraderie among the residents and community members.

Importantly, the Resident Physician Community Partnership Council is endowed with Prestigious Grants to be awarded annually to those Resident Physicians who have exemplified the meaning of “The Humanistic Approach to Medicine.”

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