I like everything about the 2019 Mercedes AMG E63s Sedan, except I cannot justify owning a car that costs $137,880.  That being said, I would still like to have one.

Powered by a handcrafted 603 hp and variable-torque AMG Performance 4MATIC+, the E63s Sedan is one of the quickest Mercedes-AMG models yet. It’s also one of the most rewarding and luxurious sedans ever to take track tech to the road.

Ever since Mercedes acquired AMG in 1999, the folks with the Three Pointed Star have been hot on BMW’s heels making increasingly good (and good to drive) super sedans. It has taken some time, but now it looks like we have reached a point where the current Mercedes AMG E63s is as good as BMW’s M5, if not  better.

As a car-enthusiast with a passion for speedy sedans, after spending some time behind the wheel of the 2019 Mercedes AMG E63s it is the most accomplished, rewarding and best-to-drive vehicle in its class.  Unusually fast, but not unstable, like E-sedans have had a tendency to be. To really get to know this car you need to put the pedal to the floor, but if you don’t want to have a run-in with local police, I would recommend a trip to the track.  It is that good.

There is no question about it; this car is a precision machine with considerably more finesse to its handling compared to previous models. Historically E-Class models were fun to slide around while producing plumes of tire smoke and also launch off the line with more tire smoke. The 2019 AMG E63s has all-wheel drive to reign in its massive power and torque leading to super body control, sharp and direct steering, and it’s now a car that has risen to the top of its class.

Thanks to its all-wheel drive system, the E63s can sprint to sixty in 3.3 seconds and on to an electronically limited 155 mph. If, however, you remove its factory speed governor, they say it will keep accelerating to 190 mph. These figures would have placed it among supercars a decade ago, but today it’s just one of the faster super sedans out there. 

Inside the 2019 AMG E63s Sedan is what you would expect from a special Mercedes. The sound system is remarkable with all the top tech toys that make it the best, including my favorite, Heads-up display.  It is luxuriously sporty with well appointed detail. The front seats are race fitting and there is acceptable space in the back seat, but I will not use the word roomy. Plus, there is carbon fiber all around inside and out.

Now for the downside.  With all of its speed and handling it is a bit pointless, given that you cannot use its performance on the road and even some tracks may be too small and curvy to really allow you to really push it to its full potential. It’s also not as comfortable as a regular E-Class, it sucks up the fuel if you drive it in a spirited manner and, while the price tag starts at $106,350, once you start adding some options, the price heads to the
$137,000 figure I mentioned earlier.

All this said, the 2019 Mercedes AMG E63s Sedan is the best car I have driven in a long time. Visit the closest Mercedes dealer and check it out. If you like fun speedy rides, I am sure you will agree.

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