The world of marketing and advertising seems to change all the time, but some of the basic principles don’t. It all depends on how large or small of a budget you have and what your ultimate goal is. The bottom line for everyone is that marketing and advertising should increase your sales. Over the last few years, new trends influence how marketing organizations communicate and become innovative. And, just when you think you have mastered it, something new comes along.

As 2018 approaches here’s a look at top trends
that will boost your marketing strategy.



Video continues to dominate social media. Expect to see a continued shift towards video content. Video streaming was 75% of all internet traffic in 2017 and there are no signs showing things will slow down. Studies also show that viewers watch live streams 3x longer than prerecorded video.


Mobile video will grow by about half of the current spend, and you can expect to see a decline of video viewing on computers and laptops. It is anticipated that next year the average viewer will watch approximately 30 minutes of video per day on a mobile device.


Also known as growth-driven tactics, these are marketing processes specifically targeted for increasing growth in revenue. SEO is still one of the best growth hacking strategies simply because you are getting more views from people who are already inquiring about your product or service.


Explainer videos are short, simple videos that explain your company’s product or service. They deliver viewers when it comes to driving results. Research shows that when an explainer video is resent, consumers are more likely to watch the video than read the text on the page. A good example of one industry that is doing this is the healthcare industry.


Viral content delivers brand awareness and sales. Everyone wants to have their content go viral. Keep in mind that creating content that has potential to go viral is very challenging and needs to be authentic, funny and relatable.


Mobile devices are so popular that they have become part of our lifestyle. Where you go the device goes. The number of mobile sessions average 75 a day at various locations. So, companies today are using these locations to target
consumers where they are. I am sure you have been asked for your location and, if you are shopping, think of the
possibility of the marketing offering you a discount on the spot. Keep in mind, the consumer must allow the marketer to track your location.


More and more companies are creating their own blogs. They provide consumers with updates, testimonials, various types of stories, guest posts, and business trends that connect with customers on their websites. The key to blogging is to have engaging copy.


It is important to reach out to your immediate customer base in a combination of technology and traditional mediums. Regional magazines provide an inexpensive and excellent way to remind customers of your brand and what your brand offers. Keep in mind, you are providing them with a medium that touches them in their home, touches them on the mobile device through the magazine’s website, and through its digital version of the magazine. With the right magazine, you are also introducing new customers and new residents in the area to your brand.

2018 will be another exciting year to reach consumers and increase brand awareness and sales. For more information on how your marketing, advertising and sales can increase over the new year, give us a call.

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