It seems like everything changes, and marketing and advertising as we know it has changed too. But the question is has it changed for the better?

Large advertisers seem to prefer automated buying of media today and, unlike traditional media buying, this type of buying attracts users based on what you think you know about them rather than buying the type of media their target audience actually visits.

Every day traditional marketing and advertising companies are being pitched by digital buying companies that will purchase media as a silent partner more effectively and efficiently, they say. They promote the volume of what they purchase, but not necessarily the quality. The problem with this is the company you hired isn’t standing up for your product or brand but letting a digital buying company with its own interests represent you. Are you paying the right price? Do they have different recommendations than what you know will work based on your years of experience in the industry?

To make matters even worse, these advertisers may not realize it but they could be supporting “fake news”. Fake news is a new concern and fake-news sites are using disinformation to attract large audiences and also big returns. This is causing big problems for the whole media environment. Fake news has become a competitor for the consumer’s time and attention.

It costs more for advertisers to make digital buys the old fashioned way by making decisions on where their ads run. The perception is that digital advertising purchased through automated buying can seem more efficient than dealing with individual publishers. The major difference with this thought process is that you can damage a company’s brand with automated buying. And there is no real thought process behind the decision but more a game of numbers. In the end, you might think it is more efficient but it is not. There is so much web fraud and runaway ads appearing on fake websites where “bots” do the clicking. The best way to decide about where you will advertise is to go back to the past and do in media what you do when shopping for anything important, and that is to buy trusted brands.

Advertisers have a great opportunity to state their case for what their product is in a truthful, direct and compelling way so there is no doubt what the product stands for. So, when selecting the type of medium that builds your brand and attracts consumers to consider your product, pick trustworthy publications and mediums where you know exactly what you get. This is not the case with many of the questionable off-brand news distributors that are overrunning the digital and social web space.

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