Dear Readers,

Summer is here and hopefully you have some wonderful getaways planned. Like many Floridians, we enjoy traveling to North Carolina, particularly in the mountains, to escape from South Florida’s heat and enjoy some cooler weather. In this issue, Escapes highlights a very special resort, Old Edwards Inn and Spa, in Highlands, North Carolina. We have frequented this resort in both summer and fall and highly recommend it for a change of scenery and cooler weather. In fall the changing of the leaves in Highlands is so beautiful that it is a photographer’s dream.

In every issue we feature one of the world’s endangered species and in this issue we feature the Whooping Crane. The amazing fact about this species is that it was so close to extinction, but the dedicated organizations that have worked diligently to save them have succeeded and we should be eternally grateful. We all need to be aware of the contributions of each and every species to nature and to our environment.

I hope you all enjoy this issue; the editorial is once again interesting and intriguing. There are some great recommendations in Juliette Woodmansee’s article about summer fitness. I can also relate to Larry Turner’s article on how much time we waste waiting for appointments. Just this week, I waited over an hour for my early morning doctor’s appointment. And, if you are waiting for a repair or installation and you get a four-hour window, nine out of ten times they still won’t be on time. Fred MacLean’s article provides some excellent input on financial investing.

Congratulations to Tom Greene for his 60 years in the fishing industry business!

I hope you have a wonderful summer season and make your dreams a reality by doing it now!

Warm Regards,

Roberta B. Turner

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