Dear Readers, Friends and Neighbors,

As we work on this issue we are wondering when life might get back to normal, and we are really not sure it ever will. The attack of the coronavirus on the United States and the world has changed things, perhaps forever. Let’s pray the change will be positive for all of the people, as well as companies, who have suffered such tremendous upheaval in their lives and operations. It has changed ours considerably, and in many ways.

We are so blessed to have so many first responders who have risked, and will in the future risk, so much to help those in need. I hope we all recognize them and treat them with respect and kindness. Every person doing their job, from the medical teams to the police and fire departments. We also need to recognize the people we often take for granted, and these include the truckers, the delivery people, and the staffs in grocery stores, restaurants and bars. We need to be kinder and more appreciative of all walks of life and maybe this is one of the good outcomes of the coronavirus. Appreciation
of others.

We considered skipping the May/June issue of The Light Magazine but were encouraged by both our writers and our advertisers to stay the course. We are normally a lot larger in the number of pages of our magazine, but we did not have the event coverage we normally feature because of the cancellation of all social gatherings, among other things.

We hope when you receive this issue that you know we appreciate all our readers, writers and advertisers, and we ask that you support our local communities so everyone can get back on their feet as quickly as possible. This experience has also shown the importance of family and close friends.

I pray that we become more appreciative of and kinder to everyone. May God bless us all.

Roberta B. Turner

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