Dear Readers,

Spring is here and it is a special time when we can enjoy beautiful foliage, lower humidity and great weather, and celebrate all that the season offers. Both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter are happy holidays in March and April.

For many years we have been featuring endangered species and when we started this feature, we were hoping to have limited content but, unfortunately, that is not the case. It is so important for our environment and our world to protect and save every species because each and every creature plays a significant role in maintaining the balance. In this issue we feature the red wolf and it is very distressing to me as an animal lover that there are only forty red wolf’s remaining in the wild. There is a major effort to save this beautiful creature, which all of us should support.

We are happy to be celebrating our 20th year of publishing The Light Magazine. We would like to recognize our talented writers for their excellent ongoing contributions. Please take the time to read their impressive backgrounds. I am sure they would appreciate your time, and we appreciate all your comments.

We would also like to thank our loyal advertisers who make publishing the magazine possible. Please support each and every one of them.

We wish you and yours health, happiness and a wonderful spring season.

Warm regards,

Roberta B. Turner

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