Dear Readers,

We have a whole New Year ahead of us as we begin 2018 and, in this issue, we have some very timely articles for you to read. I am looking forward to starting the New Year and spending more time with my family and friends, and less time at the office.

One of my main goals for the New Year is to improve my health and, one of the main ways I plan to do this, is lose weight and exercise more. Diets are very challenging, so I reviewed all the ones that are promoted and advertised, like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem, but they didn’t seem right for me. I then read a book about dropping wheat from your diet and how quickly the weight comes off. After reading the book, I researched other diet recommendations and found the one I plan to try. It’s the Ketogenic Diet, which eliminates most carbs.

I found the explanation that Fred MacLean contributed to this issue about the US dollar to be very interesting. The pros and cons of a strong versus weak dollar give you a lot to think about. Fred’s articles over the years provide solid financial advice, and I find them very educational.

There are some excellent health tips to start the New Year right from Juliette Woodmansee. I like the concept that what you do now for your health will help you as you age. I plan to take the advice seriously.

Sports Fans will enjoy Larry Turner’s article about the Miami Dolphins, and I think he puts into perspective how we should all view the state of the National Football League today. It certainly has had its ups and downs between players and the fans.

Recently, our family and friends have experienced multiple suicides, and I find this growing trend to be very disturbing. This issue provides excellent information about prevention and help that is available. Life is so precious, and it is such a gift that no one should feel they cannot survive. We hope you will share this information with anyone you know that is having a hard time.

All of us at The Light Magazine wish you much health, happiness and wealth in the coming New Year.

Roberta B. Turner