Dear Readers,

Our country seems to be in a real and frightening turmoil these days and we can only pray that it stops. We need all Americans to get along, we need the news to be neutral, and we need to stop hearing about politics 24/7. Our government needs to govern for the good of the country and the good of the people. Larry Turner’s article addresses this issue in “Who Has The Right?”

is the start of the season and, as we put the lazy days of summer behind us, we now have to readjust our thinking to plan ahead for just about everything. Plan how long it will take you to drive to a location with the increased traffic, plan where you want to dine at night since reservations will be needed, and we need to realize the visitors and seasonal residents do benefit us, our cities, and our state. Fred MacLean shows us the benefits of this in his article “Wisdom of Crowds”.

issue also has some fun information about upcoming events, fitness, education, sports, and interesting lifestyle articles. One of my favorite things to look forward to this time of the year is the stone crab season. For some reason, I associate the stone crab season as the beginning of the holiday season. Maybe because I am a native Floridian, or maybe I just love all the good stuff served with stone crabs.

In the Scoop this month René Mahfood highlights Jack Rogers, a 13 year old young man who is cooking up some fantastic looking cakes and is destined to become a future chef, and most likely a future star. If you know someone with this type of dedication and talent, please contact René.

We hope you enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to our cooler weather and what the fall season will bring our way. Be safe and be kind.

Roberta B. Turner