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We are about to celebrate the holiday season and, with a blink of the eye, we will be celebrating a new year. This year seems to have flown by quickly and it certainly makes you realize how important it is to take time to enjoy your life. It also makes you appreciate what and who you have in your life. Unlike many people who are suffering from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

It is important to remember that the Bahamian economy is based largely on the tourism industry, which is why our Escapes article is featuring Baha Mar. It is important for all of us to consider traveling to those Islands of the Bahamas that did not suffer any damage this season. It is also important to realize that in our own state many people who lived and worked in Mexico Beach in the panhandle are still suffering one year later. The same with some areas in the Florida Keys. As of press time, we are blessed that we did not have a hurricane hit South Florida.

We are all being hit daily with political news and it can be very disturbing and negative. Media reporting today isn’t about the delivery of the news; it’s more about the opinions of the reporter and I personally find this very offensive. I simply want the facts and want to form my own opinions. Our writer, Stacia Garland, and I discussed this, and she has written an excellent article about teaching children how to think independently. It is a good read for people of all ages.

As usual, this issue promotes the latest in sports whether it is an update on our local teams or some great tips on fishing. The Light Magazine has it all. For those people who like to stay on top of the latest financial planning and what is happening in the economy, Heritage Financial has provided some excellent information.

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The team at The Light Magazine wishes you a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to hearing from you. See you next in the New Year.


Roberta B. Turner

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