Dear Readers,

We have experienced fantastic weather so far this year. Let’s hope May and June are as kind to us. Speaking of weather, we are about to start the rainy season and with that comes the dreadful six months out of the year that South Florida is in the hurricane season. It seems like Irma was just here, and many people in the Florida Keys are still affected by it. In this issue we have addressed some suggestions for preparing for this year’s hurricane season and things you can do to plan ahead.

Over the next two months we have lots of celebrations, with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day all coming up. We researched the history of these holidays and how they came about.

This issue is full of very interesting articles. Stacia Garland gives some good advice about communicating with your teen. Chip LaMarca updates us on Florida Legislation in 2018. Ric Green shares his experience test driving of the latest models of cars from BMW to Buick.

This issue also includes travel, sports, fashion, fishing and fitness. Italian food lovers will be happy to find pasta’s weight effect findings. The Scoop features the latest social gatherings and fundraisers with the combination of René Mahfood and Teri Kovacs covering the scenes.

We would also like to congratulation all the wonderful people who are part of Heritage Investment Group on their 25th Anniversary. Larry Turner spent time interviewing the partners and the article is an excellent one for those interested in investments.

In closing, I would like to wish all Mothers and Fathers a Happy Holiday. Holidays are a good time to remember that life is short, and it is important to enjoy them with your family and good friends.

Warm Regards,

Roberta B. Turner