Letter From The Editor

Dear Readers,

The best part of fall this year is that it leaves only a few months until the year 2020 is over.   This has been a terrible year and one I can’t wait to put behind me.   So many people and businesses have been hurt, and so many lives have been affected by the coronavirus, that we can only hope and pray it stops soon.

One of our writers, Stacia Garland, normally writes about parenting situations but in discussing this issue we thought it would be helpful for her to share her own personal experience with COVID-19.  Stacia is a wonderful woman, a valued friend, and a gifted writer.  She is sharing her story to help all of us understand what she experienced.   Thank you Stacia.

This issue is once again full of valuable information that we hope inspires you, and we thank our team of writers for their efforts, particularly in this difficult and challenging time.

I have not contributed to this issue as much as I would normally because of personal reasons I prefer not to mention.  I would like to share one thing I have learned this year, and that is the value of life.  It can be here today and gone in an afternoon, and that is what happened recently to two of our beloved dogs, Kilo and Kola.   Both died within hours of getting sick and very suddenly. Both of them took a piece of my heart with them.  For those of you who are pet lovers, I am sure you understand.

We hope you are staying healthy and enjoy this issue, and we look forward to our next issue.  Thank you to our readers and advertisers for your support.   May God bless you and yours.  Be safe.


Roberta B. Turner