Letter From The Editor

Dear Readers,

Since COVID-19 arrived last year it has affected two popular features of the magazine, and that is “The Fashion Collection” and the “Scoop.” There have been no major fashion shows and mostly virtual social and charitable events.

Speaking of COVID-19, the article about “Another Rough Year in The Prediction Business” provides excellent insight to the challenges of the economy and investing. We would like to thank Fred MacLean for this valuable contribution to this issue, and thanks to Bill Gallo for his contributions to “Giving Back.”   We want to thank all our talented writers for their efforts.

In today’s environment, it is exciting to find new things, new places, and new experiences.  In the last issue we featured our first “New Discoveries.” We are happy to report that this new article received strong reader interest, so we have added this to be an ongoing feature of The Light Magazine.  We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to finding new places and new things to explore.  Please feel free to suggest any ideas or places for us to consider.

The Red Panda featured in “Endangered Species” is eye-opening when you consider the rapid demise of this beautiful creature, and the importance of the work being done by so many wildlife organizations and volunteers. When considering charitable donations, remember how important is to keep so many species alive for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.  Each and everyone contributes to the earth.

We are lucky to be enjoying the beautiful weather in South Florida so far this year.   We see so many people out walking, biking, and exercising, and one concern that has been a recent topic is how to be safe after dark.   We contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for their recommendations, so please take the time to review their very valuable safety guidelines.   

Be safe and may God bless you and yours.

Warm Regards

Roberta B. Turner