Enough has probably been written about the plight of the 2019 team, but that doesn’t discourage me from adding a little to the volume of words already written.

I guess what bothers me the most, from an emotional standpoint, is that in many of their games this season there have been glimmers of hope displayed in the first half of their games, only to have that glimmer extinguished by diminished play in the second half.

It would be easy to pass this off to better coaching by our opponents at halftime, but in my opinion this would be too easy an explanation and would be terribly unfair.  Even if the Dolphin coaching staff identifies all the areas that need rectifying when they return for the second half, they don’t appear to have the talent necessary to make the adjustments charted by the different coaches.  A team with talent can change or adjust their game plan during the halftime break, but one without sufficient talent cannot.  

There is no denying that the team requires help at every position, except possibly the receiver corps which is remarkably good. But, how long can the Dolphins retain even this talent if the team’s future is bleak and the better receivers are looking to advance to the playoffs, and hopefully the
Super Bowl, during their playing days. That is not
likely to happen as a member of the Dolphins for the next few years.  By then, the careers of many of these players will be moving towards the downslope.

There are so many holes to fill that, even if the team “hits” on a majority of the draft picks it has stockpiled, it is unlikely to put a competitive team on the field in less than 2-4 years.  Sorry, but that’s the reality of the situation.

We fans are fortunate to be living in South Florida where there are so many activities to engage in on Sundays other than watching professional football.  We’ll give you a heads-up when the team next starts a season 3-0, and then it’s back to the tube or stadium to cheer on the Fish.

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