Do you make fitness goals but then procrastinate? Or do you start an exercise program for a short time and then give up? Does this happen again and again and again?

It’s time to find the emotional pump-up to get you started and motivated.

Here are a few:

• Deconstruct your fears

Fear is draining and exhausting. If you are drained, exhausted and worried, you are not going to be motivated. Hidden fears or anxieties can also keep you from doing what you are trying to accomplish.   Isolate the unknowns and go in confident so you can handle the worst-case scenario.

• Go back to “why”

Focusing on a hard or boring workout doesn’t make it any more attractive. Zoom out and ask yourself why you are working out in the first place.  It will be more appealing. If you can’t figure out why, then there’s a good chance you will fail.  So, take the time to dig deep and find out your “why.”  

• Go for 10

Start working out for 10 minutes. Often that little push will be enough to get you going.

• Fake it till you make it

Get your body moving as you would if you were extremely motivated to do something. This “faking it” approach to motivation may seem silly or crude, but it works.

• Find your itch

What is keeping you from working out? Take a serious look at the problem. Don’t let the itch continue without isolating it and removing the problem. Are you unmotivated because you are tired, afraid, bored, restless or angry?  Exercising can help with that.  Maybe it is because you aren’t sure you have time. Take a good look at your schedule and fit it in, knowing that exercise improves health. What do you have if you don’t have your health?

• Get a partner

Find someone who will motivate you when you’re feeling lazy. Hire a trainer or to go to the gym with a friend. Besides spotting weight, a friend can help motivate you to work hard when you might quit.

• Kick start your day

Plan out tomorrow. Have your workout clothes ready the night before. Building momentum early in the day can carry you forward later.

• Read magazines, books or YouTube

There are tons of self-help/motivational books and YouTube videos. Get some new ideas to start your mental gears turning and build motivation. New ideas put your brain in motion. Check out healthy cooking books too.

• Get the right tools

Your environment can have a profound effect on your enthusiasm. Surround yourself with people who eat right and exercise. Being with people with self-destructive patterns on a long-term basis can kill your motivation. Avoiding the traps that stop your motivation is almost as important as building motivation.

• Develop a mantra

Find a few statements that focus your mind and motivate you. It doesn’t matter if they are pulled from a tacky motivational poster or are just a few words to tell you what to do. If you aren’t sure where to start, good personal mantras are, “Do it now!” and “I can do this!”

• Build on success

Success creates success. Making small successes can spur motivation later. Structuring your to-do lists, placing straightforward tasks such as exercising early in the day or giving yourself an affirmation can do the trick.

Take the time to figure it out.  Small changes can mean  the difference between success and failure.

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