It is important to recognize the people in our communities who believe in Giving Back

Charities that you are involved in:

Broward Children’s Center, Disabled American Veterans, Historic Stranahan Museum, Sample McDougald Preservation Society, Venetian Arts Society, Special Olympics, EASE Foundation, Angel Flight, Children’s Dream Fund, Scholarship Fund Johnson & Wales University, AOPA Foundation & Member, NJ Mental Health Association & Council of Educational Facility Planners.

Why you chose these charities:

As an Architect I maintain a fundamental belief that our environment, whether designed and constructed by us or our creator, can be inherently “therapeutic.” It is because of this belief that I have channeled my efforts to assist humanity from children to elders to various species, whether they inhabit land or sea.

My earliest efforts were to support mentally ill and emotionally challenged children and continues today with my support and participation with the Nova Southeastern Center for Psychological Studies and Broward Children’s Center. I also participate in advancing the creation of environ- ments for the Elderly who in some odd sense reflect similar issues as children who are emotion- ally and physically handicapped. In a similar way I believe in giving back to the species that inhabit

planet earth. To this end my volunteer work and financial support as Chair of the NSU Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography is extremely rewarding. At the HCNSO we raise dollars to support education and research relating to ocean species and coral reef development. My last effort of charitable work is in historic preservation. I have always believed that our buildings and environment are a message to a generation we will never meet. In my support of such organizations as Stranahan House, Sample McDougald House and The Old Davie School, along with my volunteer work as former Chair of the Broward County Historic Preservation Board, I am able to propagate the designation and preservation of the treasures that reflect the culture and evolution of this young place.

It is my hope that all South Floridians will embrace the love and support of those of us who are less fortunate and that each and every one of us realizes the role that people, buildings, flora and fauna play in the continuance of our cultural evolution. My goal is to propagate this philosophy by example and I thank those who came before me for giving me the opportunity, strength and resources to live this dream.

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