Fall is a great time of year to fish.  You have a very wide variety of choices and all types and sizes of fish to catch.

Growing up the past 50+ years in the daily fishing tackle business, I have been very fortunate to surround myself with the best fishermen in the world. You can always use your own ideas, and now days you can be a lot smarter and pick the brains of others that do it every day and every week, even if you need to find sailfish.

Kingfish, wahoo, snapper, snook, tarpon, almost any fish you would like to catch for release or eat, you know South Florida is a great place to fish.  If you have guests coming for dinner, you can take them fishing with you and let them catch their own dinner.  You can go to the restaurant and get yellowtail snapper for four people for $26.95 to $34.95 per person, or go out on your own boat or your buddy’s boat, buy your bait, chum, silver sides, squid, a variety of hooks and good leader materials, spend 2-4 hours fishing one mile from Hillsboro Inlet and catch 15-25 nice yellowtail snapper and a mixed bag of other fish, all good eating.  Come home, clean the boat and your fish, and do the veggies.  You cook the fish in as many ways as you can, and you are now royalty for the whole week.  Just be careful.  There are 52 weeks in a year.  If you check around, many of our local places we eat will all cook your catch for you.

Here in South Florida these next few months, with fairly calm seas and cooler days and nights, you can catch at least 10-15 different fish on a daily trip.  Just study what’s out there that day.  Again, ask questions and be a smart fisherman.  As I have said before, go catching not fishing.  Take your friends, the ones who offer to help in every way, like chip-in on the fuel bill and the bait and tackle invoices.

Many times I have seen fishermen do all the work, pay the bills, get prepared for two days to take their guests fishing, and you catch some dolphin, a wahoo or two, even a nice swordfish.  They are the first ones there with one of your plastic bags in hand, reach over, pick up a handful or two of the fish you have just cleaned, look you in the eye as they walk away and say, “Jim, that was fun; a great day.  Let me know if you are going next week.  I will see if I can make it.”  

Again, if he is welcome or not, in my 50+ years in the tackle business, these same guys walk around the tackle shop looking to buy more tackle as you, the boat owner, stand by the register talking to someone as he puts 5 different things on the counter and says, “Jim, we should have all of this stuff,” and walks away for you to pay the bill.  I have seen it over-and-over, hundreds and hundreds of times.  It’s an insult after a while and takes the fun out of fishing with a friend or “buddy.”

The people who know me understand.  The best one ever was when I pulled one boat owner aside and said, “When you get back to the boat, make sure it won’t start until you see his car taillights leaving your house.  He always has another excuse.  After he leaves, go turn on the battery switch or fix the connection you turned off.  Look at it this way, you have a great story and you and your other two buddies will help you clean the boat, clean the fish, and now you have more room at your dinner table.”  Been there, done that!

Once again, tight lines and good catching.

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