Call me gullible, but as much as I feel in the dark about the prospects of the Dolphins and the Heat, I feel much better about the Miami Marlins even though their record is dismal.  

Pitching at this point seems to be the team’s strength with names like Alcantara, Conley, Garcia, Guerrero, Hernandez, Quijada, Smith and Yamamoto, and hopefully many more in the minor league system.

Catching looks solid behind Alfaro and Holaday and, when healthy, the infield has talent with Anderson, Castro, Prado, Rivera, Rojas, Walker and the newly acquired shortstop prospect Jazz Chisholm.  The outfield offers veteran Granderson surrounded by youngsters Cooper, Puello, Ramirez and others.  Bear in mind, these are the players on the field most recently and this lineup does not reflect the talent being nurtured in the Marlins’ minor league system.

It seems to me that the way the Marlins are approaching team improvement beats the approaches of the Dolphins and Heat where large holes are being plugged but solid teams for the future are not being built.

The Marlins’ approach is also preferable because the young players do not have the pressure to produce right away because everyone understands that this was a rebuilding year.  Sure, there is pressure to play well to secure a future with the team, or another one, but the team has made it clear that, if there is a problem, there is time to fix it.  A prime example is Brinson, who appears to have bushels of talent and was given time to work his way back to the parent club rather than being sent back right away with the pressure to produce instantly always in the back of his mind.

So, don’t look for the Marlins on October 22 when the World Series begins, but if the club continues to build as it is doing we should see them in the playoffs not too far down the road.

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