Love is in the air! And we all know that the perfect date night would not be complete without the right accessories. Explore the variety of jewelry pieces that are just as meaningful as they are beautiful. Get inspired with these Valentine’s Day jewelry picks that will be sure to dress up your winter wardrobe.


For years, locket necklaces have had a special appeal about them – an accessory that serves as a fashion statement while also holding a unique touch that is personal to each owner. What makes each individual locket significant is what’s kept inside, and the fun part is that it’s up to you to decide! Various shapes and designs will suit any style and add a meaningful touch to your jewelry collection.


Mother-of-pearl jewelry is having a moment. A twist on traditional pearl jewelry, the iridescence of mother-of-pearl is undeniably eye-catching and adds a little something extra to any piece. This extraordinary stone displays a glow that shows every color of the rainbow when in the right light, and is paired beautifully with rose gold and yellow gold metal. 

Rose Gold

Rose gold is definitely the most romantic precious metal – and not to mention, right on trend. The soft pink hue is perfectly feminine and delicate, and also complements any skin tone. Mixed with other metals or worn solo, rose gold gives a charming touch to any outfit. 


Feel the love with this timeless design. Hearts are a universal symbol for love and affection. Whether you keep it simple and dainty or explore more intricate designs, heart-shaped jewelry pieces are keepsakes that will always be in style.

Fancy-Shaped Diamonds

Fancy-shaped diamonds are perfect for adding some personality to a traditional piece. Oval and emerald cut diamonds have been taking over diamond jewelry. Their distinct look and innovative design are what makes these diamond jewelry pieces so appealing. Plus, their elongated shapes make the diamonds actually look larger than others of the same carat size. Designers have also gotten creative with featuring multiple shapes in one piece for more of a geometric style.

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