I know you’re busy and every-one wants to express their own thoughts to you about problems in the country and how best to handle them, but I promise this will only take a few minutes.

I’m a pretty simple person who keeps an eye on the stock market and listens to news reports and gives most people the benefit of the doubt on most matters, but it worries me that the stock market pretty much mirrors what it senses to be the mood in Washington, D.C.  But, knowing that, people in power still play the market like a harp.  We know the market will react positively if there is talk of a trade deal with China and that the opposite will occur if it sounds like a deal is going south. 

The same yo-yo effect is true with respect to numerous initiatives proposed by one or the other of our political parties, or the administration.

It’s kind of the same with the “wall” to keep illegal visitors out of our country.  Politicians for decades and on both sides of the isle have favored such a blockade but every time the White House stirs the fire with statements about the wall, the opposition rises up and encourages the press to retrieve its files full of information about the good and bad about it.  That effectively stirs up a hornet’s nest until the next issue to fight over starts brewing.

Why can’t we gather all the facts about a matter, good and bad, and present them in one piece to the electorate or to Congress and take action on it, rather than fighting about it before all the facts are on the table.  Our country and the world would be much more stable if that was our approach.

I know you are like me in wanting to respond on social media about everything and anything we don’t like or don’t think is accurate.  But we are both well aware that such action tends to inflame that portion of the population that may disagree with us on that subject.  Again, jumping to respond does not constitute a stabilizing force for our country.

I guess what I’m trying to impart to you is that if you, I and other influencers tone down our rhetoric a little and pause before we hit the social media button, we can probably calm down our citizens pretty quickly on a number of fronts, don’t you think Mr. President?  That’s why I wanted to speak with you for a minute.


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