You hear the expression “Life is short” coming from so many people of all ages.  And, the reality is life does go by very fast for most of us. You can experience this with a child or a grandchild who one day loved her American Girl Doll and all she wanted was to dress her up and fantasize with her extravagant accessories, and then a few years later that same child wants to go to the best department store and splurge on all types of glamourous make-up and clothes for herself.  

In my case I believe life is short because I have always worked. A self-made workaholic, I would say I put work right up there with the same amount of  passion I have always had for my family. Work provided me the opportunity to financially take care of my daughter, assist my parents in retirement, and provide me with a good quality of life.  When I first became independent and successful in my business, I saved enough money to buy my father his first new car, and it was a Cadillac. I surprised him at a dinner party celebrating his birthday when we were about to leave the restaurant. This was a big deal for him and a great feeling for me to be able to spoil the man who always spoiled me growing up.  As time continued to move so quickly, my next big plan was to send my parents to Italy as they had not been there, and my dad was very Italian. That was my next big accomplishment that working allowed me to achieve. This pattern continued throughout my parents’ lives and also with my daughter as she was growing up.  Work became my obsession over my dreams and my “things I want to do and see” list. 

I postponed my own desire for many things because I thought there was plenty of time for me.  I can’t even list how many things I have wanted to do and have delayed because of this unrealistic view. Maturity has taught me this and I believe lost time is hard if not impossible to make up. It is important to take action now and to enjoy your life and not expect that there will always be plenty of time later in life.

Venice, Italy

Life can be cut short as we all know. An unexpected car accident, a health issue, bankruptcy, loss of loved ones, etc. There are so many unknowns.  Life has its own way of surprising you, that is for sure.

So, what is my point?  Do it now.  Plan those trips you have dreamed of, enjoy that passion you have for a sport, boating or the theatre.  Don’t delay and postpone your dreams and passions because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

The reality is today I know not to wait to enjoy the things I want to do. It’s important to enjoy each day to the fullest and make those plans a reality while you can.  Remember the old saying “the glass is half empty?” Or, you can be positive and say that “the glass is half full.” So, I plan to put my “Do It Now” philosophy into action.  Many people prepare a “Bucket List” of all the things they want to see and do before they die.   I like the “Do It Now” idea better because I hope to live a long life and I know I don’t want to wait any longer to experience the dreams I have had for so many years.

I am grateful that work has allowed me to enjoy fulfilling some of my family’s dreams and I have enjoyed some wonderful experiences over the years, but my plan is to work less and enjoy more of what life has to offer starting with some interesting trips, some new habits, and a bit less work.  I am also planning on downsizing, not only my business interests but also my personal possessions and lifestyle.  

Here’s to all of you waking up to smell the roses a little bit sooner than I did. So, next time you daydream of something you really want to do, “Do It Now.”

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