While watching the national celebration of the life of “41,” President H. W. Bush, I was struck by the comments of the press, both on television and later in our national and local newspapers.  The same members of the press that vilified him as President were now expounding on his elegance, civility, dignity, and ability to end the Cold War without a shot being fired.  Had he been portrayed this way by the press during his presidency, perhaps he would have served our nation longer, which would have been a blessing on all of us.

Why can’t we all treat each other with dignity and understanding regardless of whether we agree or disagree on various issues. Why do have to be labeled liberal, conservative, progressive, libertarian, or whatever?  That only serves to instantly put us in separate camps that then cannot get along because we are each “different.”  I guess we aren’t supposed to have the ability to think independently of the other people in our “group” or “party.”

The next few years will be difficult for our country because of the bluster of our President and his style of “negotiating,” the fact that the House of Representatives is divided with the Democrats in solid control, the Senate being only slightly in the control of the Republicans, and both parties spending more time criticizing each other and trying to retaliate for past confrontations than helping to maintain our country on a steady path towards financial stability, moral purpose and recognizing common reasons to get along and not engage in “rallies” that are little more than opportunities for paid thugs to try to tear the country apart for the gain of those paying them to disrupt events.

If we can’t galvanize our citizens to move in the same direction, then countries like China, Russia and Iran will fill that void as the U.S. slides into a secondary political position in the world.  We cannot ignore this situation because “it won’t affect me during my lifetime,” because it might, and it will surely affect our descendants. We have to get involved or else we have abdicated our rights to those who have little interest in our welfare. We need to get involved now!

Citizens can get involved by being heard, either in conversations with friends, by sending your opinion to your local newspaper, by joining the local chapter of your political party, or by joining a group or groups that espouse your points of view on various matters.

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