We enjoy taking short weekend trips around the State of Florida. After all, we live in a state that visitors from around the world travel to. Tourism is crucial to our economy and it is wonderful to be able to experience the different cities and resorts Florida offers to residents and visitors alike.

Our last trip was an escape from Hurricane Irma as we live in a mandatory evacuation area. Therefore, we left a few days before the storm and thought it would be safe if we went to Jacksonville.

We were lucky to find a room at a small hotel in the European-styled Tapestry Park Village, with restaurants and shops within walking distance, named the Hotel Indigo. We were also lucky to have close friends in the area that we could visit.

We were there for five days and on the last day Irma arrived at our hotel. Once the storm cleared, we were happy to be going home. The hotel did the best it could with a full house of guests, dogs, cats, birds, and so on.

The last two days were very hectic with new guests arriving from Jacksonville Beach and elsewhere. The hotel did not have full-service at the restaurant and did not serve any alcohol the last two days of our stay, and the village was basically closed preparing for the hurricane.

We arrived home to find our generator not working properly and we had no electricity. So, we booked a room close to home at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. When we arrived, our room was not ready so we decided to lunch at Bar Luna and enjoyed a delicious meal with a wonderful glass of cold white wine. After waiting hours after the check-in time, we were anxious to get to our room only to learn that the room had some water damage, which is what caused the delay, and they had to relocate us. The staff was very helpful and provided us with a beautiful suite in the tower of the hotel. At this point, we appreciated the luxury and were so happy to be there. We enjoyed our two-night stay and wished we could have stayed longer.

We were drinking cold drinks and eating great food, something we did not experience the week prior. The best part was that the servers and guests were all pleasant and happy that we survived the wrath of Irma.

During our time at the resort, we lunched at Bar Luna and enjoyed every meal, and had dinner one night at Lucca’s Italian Restaurant. My favorite meal was breakfast. It was a buffet served in the Palm Court that was beyond the normal buffet. There was a large assortment of fresh fruit from blueberries to mangos and just about everything in between. There were bagels, breads, Danish, all types of meats, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, an omelet station, and more. How this resort could do such a great job just days after the hurricane was remarkable. When we weren’t eating or drinking, we were simply relaxing in our wonderful suite. These two days refreshed us from a long drive, lots of stress, and a hectic time during our Jacksonville stay. As I plan upcoming trips for us, I will be adding Boca Raton Resort to my list of where I want to go. Yes, it is right around the corner from where we live, but to have this type of experience post-Irma, I can’t wait to go back when everything is open and back to normal. Hats off to one great team at this resort.

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