The Downtown Business Alliance of Boca Raton (DBA) was created to rectify the lack of a cohesive “business community” unique to Downtown Boca. The focus of Boca Raton’s Chamber of Commerce is excellent and promotes all of Boca Raton. Our focus is different. With about 1,000 businesses located Downtown, the time is right to bring Downtown Boca business owners together for matters of common interest and to promote each other’s businesses.

In the first couple of months, over 70 businesses have joined as members. The DBA is working hard to unite downtown business owners, residents, philanthropists, and City officials. It invites all the foregoing with a Downtown Boca address to join as members. With an annual cost of $75.00 and a short membership application, joining is simple and well worth it. The nominal payment covers the entire business, regardless of size or type; for-profit and not-for-profit, retail and restaurant. This means that all employees and members of organizations can be involved at no additional cost and play whatever role they choose within our community. There are no membership tiers. In the DBA, tenants have as big of a say as their landlords.

The DBA is a gateway for all Downtown Boca businesses. We are working toward transportation and parking alternatives. We are connecting professionals located Downtown with one another. Until now, our members have had to leave Downtown to meet other professionals and promote their businesses. We are attending CRA meetings and working with city staff and elected officials to promote Downtown as a central business district. We hold a successful public-private partnership.

Our members want to grow their businesses and promote their brands. Benefits of becoming a member include local social and networking opportunities with business neighbors; meanwhile, being updated on what’s happening Downtown. The organization’s web directory will provide a hyperlink to each member’s website. Our online calendar will promote all events and promotions offered by our Downtown Boca members. The CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) events will also be noted in our monthly program.

Everything the DBA does is to enhance the experience of owning a business and working Downtown. We desire a true sense of community for our members. Arts, culture, and charitable events are also in our neighborhood focus. We have already formed walk teams for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk and the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, as we will for each of the charity walks which take place Downtown. We are also planning events at the Boca Museum of Art.

We wish for our members to take their business relationships to a higher level, and to feel part of their community. This idea of “raising the level of relationship” was the subject of a BocaLead presentation at the Boca Raton Community Church, which is a DBA member. Coming up, our members will have BocaLead-like conversations, discussion groups, speaker series and other events that influence a cohesive business community.

Everybody has something to gain from a vibrant central business district with a cohesive community. That is how Downtown Boca is doing business through the DBA.

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