By Roberta B. Turner


If you are in marketing you have probably been immersed in preparing your marketing plan and budget for 2013 these past few months.

In our business we try to have a completed and approved annual plan for each of our clients no later than September.  After all, media placements close early and the earlier you start negotiating pricing and placement the better.

In working on multiple plans for next year for clients in business, retail, hospitality, travel and niche industries, we are finding interesting trends as we review the research and our team develops the objectives and strategies we use for our clients. Even for this publication, The Light Magazine, we are mapping out our editorial for the entire year 2013.  Of course, we are flexible and we monitor results and trends so we can make changes throughout the year in the marketing, advertising and communications we develop. There are always opportunities to try new things and new mediums.

Here are some of the trends we are factoring into our planning strategies: Hosted content is becoming increasingly more important.  Successful marketing in the future will include social media and the established social networks.  Most consumers are social, so we need to also be in our marketing efforts.   We think over the next few years that traffic to websites will be reduced if this trend continues. We know how successful Facebook and Linkedin have become.  Sharing information means we can influence others through social networking. Advertising on social networks also produces lots of eyeballs.

Video, as a communication tool, will become the standard in the next few years, along with the social channels. Mobile networks will be equipped to handle video calls and the industry predicts that 85% of all Internet traffic in 2015 will be video.  We will no longer need to “visualize” anything because it will be in video content to view.

There is and always will be a time for traditional media such as magazines, television, radio and Internet. And we know from success in 2012 that multi-channel marketing is the way to go.   We know from our own experience and our clients’ results that regional media works better than national media due to the cost versus return on investment.  Being able to geo-target through print, Internet, and broadcast works best and you can purchase and target your social media marketing in the same fashion.

What is so interesting about marketing is it is always changing.  What worked a few years ago is obsolete.  With technology advancing so rapidly, and all the large corporations investing in it, we can only expect constant change in marketing, advertising and communications.

Think about this …since Facebook has dominated social media with the younger generation, email has declined this year.  It’s simpler and easier to send a message via Facebook for them.

Be ready for change.  Change is good.  Backus Turner International is leading the way for our clients to grow in Florida, the United States and around the world.

About Backus Turner International

Backus Turner International was formed in January 1978 and provides its clients with expertise in the areas of marketing, advertising, public affairs, investor relations, public and media relations, and grassroots campaigns, Internet-based campaigns, digital media strategies, publishing, product launches, website development and research. For more information, visit www.backusturner.com.  The company is a family business owned by Roberta Backus Turner, Lawrence Turner, and Rene Turner Mahfood.

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